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HUMAN BEING OR HUMAN DOING – how do you experience yourself? Do you often feel frustrated that your organization is not making the impact that it set out to make? Do you notice that most often staff members are reproducing the very patters (lack of clarity of purpose, conflict, insecurity, stress etc.) that they are trying to change in the world? Do you agree that people need to be valued and things used, whereas we have created a culture wherein we value things and use people? Do you wish to energize your organization in such a way that external social purpose is LIVED inside the organization on a daily basis?

At Genuine Contact Space (GCS), we offer simple methods, tools and framework so that purpose is LIVED inside the organization. Ours is a group of professionals commonly identified as FACILITATORS and TRAINERS, working is in the domains of organization development, project design and capacity building. We create “life nurturing”, “blame free” and “safe” discussion spaces that help the participants in finding solutions amicably and covering the agenda efficiently, with creativity, respectful listening and inspiration for action. In nutshell, we specialize in the art of holding space that produces results far beyond the expectations.


Ever calculated how many hours you spend in meetings, conferences, workshops and trainings? Do you feel joyful or stressful after attending or conducting such events? Do you often find them unproductive and boring? Wish to convene more effective, productive and happier meetings/workshops/trainings ? The Whole Person Process Facilitation method makes such events highly impactful.




Do you agree that change is the only constant? Do you find it difficult to operate in ever changing conditions? The Medicine Wheel Tool is a framework that offers capacity to navigate through change. It helps to design, plan, implement, review and sustain any project/intervention in a holistic, creative and realistic manner.




Our capacity building work is in the thematic areas of public health, education, life skills education, gender and in functional areas of leadership, behavior change communication, advocacy, program audit and process documentation.




We are the only group offering international Genuine Contact Program (GCP) in Asia. The nine modules of the GCP provide simple and powerful tools and framework for organization development work.


Our work is inside out. We have designed and implemented a range of workshops in various parts of the globe, for purpose clarity to executive coaching and team rejuvenation.


Our work is in the domains of Organization Development and Capacity Building. We use holistic methods and whole systems’ approach for health and balance of organizations and the staff.

Approaches of the Genuine Contact Program have been applied in the following organizations in a variety of contexts….

The Genuine Contact Professionals work with a wide variety of people and organizations including small, medium and large corporations, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations…


I was excited by the prospect of using much of our new knowledge & skills at work and hopefully even in personal life. The extent of learning and awareness gained, as well as the wide repertoire of activity

Rita Luther, Corporate Trainer, participant in the WPPF training.
I felt most excited by the variety of exercises and the insights on the background of exercises. I feel I have a deeper understanding from within and will therefore be able to apply it better in life and work.

Marije Ebbers, Co-ordinator, Fred Foundation, participant in the WPPF training.
Learning a new facilitation skill and learning how different methods like AI & PRA techniques are integrated.  The most useful part was developing a prototype training session which clarified the application of

Dr A L Sharda, Director, Population First, participant in the WPPF training.
It is certainly new concept and should be taught as it empowers trainers with new interesting techniques, keeping trainees engaged and alert.

Dr R Sareen, NACO Training